4 in 1 E27 Base Socket Light Lamp Bulb Holder Adapter for Photo Video Studio Softbox

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This product is mainly used in photography. 
It is a 4 in 1 studio E27 lamp socket adapter. 
It allows 4 bulbs installed in one single socket at the same time for bright illumination. 
Each socket on the adapter can support up to 200W, so it supports up to 800W in total. 
With 2 independent switches to control bulbs.
Light weight, easy installation. 
If you mounted four bulbs at same time, each bulb diameter must be less than 80mm. 

Base type: Standard E27 base 
Support power: 200W * 4 (800W in total) 
Color: Black & white 
Suitable for: Studio daylight bulbs in photographic use 
Package size: 15 * 10.5 * 18cm / 5.9 * 4.1 * 7.1in 
Package weight: 649g / 1.43LB

Package List: 
1 * Base Socket Adapter 

This item only includes the 4 in 1 studio E27 lamp socket splitter adapter. 

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